Hello Blog!

Oh man. Another blog! Yes, another blog.

I’ve used Livejournal and Tumblr in the past, and attempted this before with not really taking the time to commit. Not really a good outlook for the site, but I’m truly going to give her a honest go this time! Let me introduce myself a little, and give some reasons on why I’m starting a blog.

My name is Angel, friends call me Angel or Bok. Bok is a sound a chicken makes, yes. But it is also the sound the Cadbury Bunny says. And I’m the Cadbury Bun’s biggest fan. I love crafts. Quilting, Crochet, drawing, and photography to name a few main crafty hobbies. I love animals and work with animals. I haves two corgis, two kitties, a saltwater & freshwater aquarium, a leopard gecko, and a bearded dragon. I also have a husband who is possibly the most awesome person on the planet. I also adore and love video games! I have a 3DS XL and my PC I use for gaming. I did have a PS3 up until recently, but it rarely got touched. So I traded it in for stuff I would use and a little extra cash. I also love music.

I’m minimalistic and I don’t like owning much. We don’t have many things, and that’s OK with us. :) The future holds less items and a more fruitful life for us.

Reasons I am starting a blog. It was hard to choose. Everyone has a darn blog these days. Will mine be interesting and different? Probably not. In fact, I know it wont! I’m starting this blog for myself and close friends and family. If I make some friends along the way?–That would be awesome.

  • I want to become better at writing.
  • I want to be able to track my life for a while. This will help me remember more. Sometimes with life the way it is at times time goes by too fast and everything gets mooshed together and I forget a few details.
  • I need to use my domain. I’ve had this bloody thing for 10 years. Ha!
  • I want to make tutorials and place them somewhere someone may learn from them. These may have already been done 100x and are all over the internet, but maybe someday I can bring something new to the table!
  • I love to share, and I want to make new friends to share with.

A small list. If I think of anything else I’ll let you know. This journal will mostly be a craft/creative one. We’ll see what it evolves to.

[This first post is also going onto the 'About' page.]

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